Exclusive images of the making of “Last Voyage.”  The last oil painting in the Collection Sea Monsters:


“I wanted to end the collection with a group of similar images I’ve used in the past.  I  used thin Yellow Ochre to draw the sketch.” “Right away I started hiding images within the face and body of the main creature. This approach gets me to look within the image.” “It sets the tone and pace for the rest of the painting. I work from top down to avoid smears and guides me in color selection.” “As you might note, the ‘Bizarre’ look  comes from the ‘hidden’ images that make  up the entire image. See the ear and top lip.” “The color scheme is now solid. The Mermaid is still a little hard to make out here.  She is being ‘attacked’ by the sea monsters but” “... All are more concerned with what may be off the screen.  The painting is half-way done here. The minor flying figures add action. ”
Video Preview of Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism
Click to see The OddBall Gallery The OddBall Collection The viewer, by using  their imagination, can  see images that  others can’t in the        painting.

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“Inspiration Waits for
No One….”

      – jacabo

Discover and Own The Whimsically  Bizarre Surrealism Art Form Today CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION NOW Creative Video Offer MOUSE OVER TO SEE DETAILS. USE MOUSE WHEEL TO ENLARGE DETAIL More Details • New Date: Oct. 7th, 2017 -  FEATURED ARTIST      Saturday - 6 PM - 9 PM, New Port Richey, FL “The ship is in now. It was much easier to render than the main characters,  however the ‘splash’ proved a bit more difficult with the hidden water creatures. Next is the water and the Mermaid fin.”  Come back soon, we’re almost there. click-to-go-to-FaceBook click-to-go-to-Pinterest

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