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One Year Later... I'm Still Alive

How to Explain My Absences
Let's just say that I've been on a long hiatus and let it go at that...

Where Are We Now?
Last time I wrote on my blog, I presented this weird example to explain my new theory of art called "Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism", and I feel terrible for having written it! It was a terrible example.

But I've really not deviated much from the original concept:
"If there’s anything further that can be said of my work, it is that it has a “look and you shall find feel to it. A Scotoma appeal: “What am I missing?” I took an intense look at Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the Italian painter in the 1500’s, who through Pareidolia was able to confuse and stimulate the brain into seeing human images made up of fruit, vegetables, fish & books. Much of my serious work depends on this psychological phenomenon; “trick & treat”, you might say. But I expanded it further. Viewing images in a cloud is not new, and it is fleeting. I decided to make it last longer."

I started this new direction with my first painting back in 2015, called "Sea Monsters" and since then, I've produced "Bird of Prey," "Winged Cooties"; and yes, I'm currently painting another smaller piece I call, "Water Nymph". All four paintings have helped me expand, though modestly, this new theory I keep calling "Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism."

I'm currently expanding the focus of shapes produced by negative space within each shape's outline. I'm creating new images from existing negative space and build on each subsequent one. Naturally, I have to constrain the composition of these shapes in such a way so as to create a pleasant overall look of the painting. Yes, I'm still using the "Pareidolia" effect, by the artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1500's), to conceal some of the larger images within the smaller ones but more subtle.
I'm beginning to enjoy the relaxing flow of waterscapes for concealing images within swirls of ocean, skies and sea creatures. "Bird of Prey" is a good example of that. I'm also noticing that my painting's focal points have become dominant and not as controlling the composition as I develop this new theory.
Again, I'm frightened of this approach to the extent that it makes it too easy for me to lean on the "cartoon" style for lack of imaginative artistic quality solutions. I'm many times trapped. And the negative space fails to reveal it's self to me in an artistic shape but rather a "cartoonist" one. Bad. Bad.

Well, there you have it; more to come from this quandary I'm in.

A Few More Points
I've not been lazy within this past year! I've secured three galleries to exhibit my work.

"Gateway Gallery in Newport Richey, Bug's Splatter Gallery in Zephyrhills and oh course, the Dunedin Art Center, in Dunedin, which continues to work for me at this time. I've been relying hard on my charcoal and pencil drawings to show there while I get my new collection going. (See "Sea Monsters").

And if you are reading this new post, then you know that I've completely upgraded my website,


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