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New Year - New Resolutions

So Where Was I?

Well, life happens!

First an apology:

Sorry for not updating my blog in so long; can't remember when...
With that out of the way...

Let me tell you what has been happening:
I will be finally exhibiting at the NPR Downtown Art Gallery (FL) my long-awaited collection, "Your Pretty Face." (Feb. 6th - 28th, 2015 ) "Long awaited" because I had to cancel the event back in August or September of last year because the galleries' "theme" didn't go well with this collection. This month's theme, "Romantic Era" for Valentines was well worth the wait.
Please come out to see it. Here's the link for more details,

Some notes on the New collection, "Your Pretty Face"
Barely got the final painting done in time (more on this later), had to deliver the 4 ft. x 4 ft. painting, "Vanity's Veil", wet in various areas to the framer. He turned it around in record time for me (many thanks to Carlos) and we packed the van this weekend. At the gallery, I was able to say "good-bye" to Bonnie, the former director, and "hello", to Fran the new one. We talked about placement, lighting, and pricing.

If you've ever heard me rant about the problems I've been having w/these poster frames I bought to hold my drawing, Fran put me at ease with a simple solution. The problem with the plastic frames: they kept slipping off the sides. Fran suggested putting thin black tape on the back of each corner to hold them in place. She said that she would do that for me! Now that's service from a gallery!!

Artists' Market at the Leppa-Rattner of Arts Museum (last year)
Of my last telling: I was waiting to hear if my application would go through -- and it did!! It was a great experience for the 2-day weekend show. The venue was fantastic! Indoors and air-conditioned (it rained the last day) and my work was very well received (I didn't sell any paintings but I did well with my drawings!

Though, I must recount a bad experience I had there: I was having a picture taken in from of my two most favorite paintings, "Broken Chalice" and "Missile Toad" and I clumsily knocked one of the legs from the easel holding "Missile Toad"!! Both paintings came crashing down and one of the legs of the easel broke! The painting "popped" from the frame as well! It created such a loud bang in the museum that it resonated through the entire place, making folks take notice and ran over to help. All I can say, it was not too professional -- "Oh well!"

What's Ahead?
Before I say more on what's ahead, I must state that in the past 6 months I've not done much painting; I've not been inspired. I've worked on and off on developing my Charcoal Drawings but not with any real heart.

My efforts have been with my mother-in-law; she is very sick and I have added tremendous efforts and support to help her (and my wife) in her last days here on earth. Perhaps this month I will again start to paint. I hope.

I look forward in the coming months starting again where I left with my previous collection, "Odd Ball". I enjoyed the "freedom" I had with color and subject in my current collection, "Your Pretty Face" and I will bring that along and perhaps, combine it with the ridge compositions of late in the previous "Odd Ball" works. "Cerebral Stew" was a major achievement for me both in advancing Surrealism, and my own theory and interpretation of it with "Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism".

I'm looking forward to seeing the "melt". Stop by often, I can't promise to update my blog as often as in the past, but I will try ... jacabo


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