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People's Choice Award

Well, it looks like the winner will be announced Friday, July 8th, 2011 for The People's Choice Award. This is the Fifth Annual Artist Member's Exhibit. I'll be there at 6 p.m. The event lasts till 9 p.m. and there'll be also combining written poetry readings about some of the artworks. Visitors to the downtown New Port Richey Gallery (FL) will be able to look at a wide variety of media and have cheese and wine to boot.

OK, folks, I've given you the "hype". Now for a taste of my reality. I don't think I'll be coming in close to winning! My work demands a bit more on the part of the viewer. Something they may not have; perhaps the younger visitors might like my work, even if they don't understand it. People have trouble understanding abstract art; much less when they approach my stuff, and stare at it and say, "I just don't like yellow paintings!" And to add to the whole mess, throw in many years of traditional and cheap prints they've bought from the major department stores and there goes my eye candy out the door!

Oh, before I forget, I dropped my membership at Uptown Artist Gallery in Dade City (FL). Why do you ask? It was a co-op gallery. Well, first, not the right venue for my work. And second, my time was taken up by helping to build up the gallery. Many of the members were not willing to help out. That is, each member needs to work at the gallery for at least one sitting a month or help in any way... not happening. My participation was stealing my painting time. Yes, it was nice meeting other artist and craftsman, and exchanging "some" ideas. But not to my satisfaction. I wish them well...

I've started painting small canvasses and in different styles. Some I like, some I don't. I'll be uploading them all soon. Some I will be selling prints on. This will be the studies for my new collection called, "Dreams on the way to tomorrow". (I must credit the name to a lyric taken from the song, "The Lost Christmas Eve" from The Trans Siberian Orchestra.)

Well, look here in a couple of weeks to see the result of the People's Choice Award.