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Oddball Exhibition and More


Well, I’ll skip the “surprise phone call” I sighted in my last entry only because with so much going on I forgot who called me… Hahhh!! I just remembered!! Man, I'm getting old ...

I got a call from Cheryl Segal, a reporter, from New Port Richey Life Magazine!! Since I was exhibiting at Progress Energy Art Gallery (PEAG) at the time (April), she wanted my input on a story she was doing on community art galleries. Plus, she was also interested in knowing why I traveled from Dade City, FL to PEAG to exhibit my work? She showed some interest in the "Surrealism" I am doing and I would hope, it'll get my name and ideas out to the art community.

We spent a short time on the phone and went over some very interesting topics and she even requested some pics from my Oddball collection!! I have to get a hold of Cheryl, to see if she can give me a link to their site; more to come on this.


Does $110 sound like a lot? Well, it does to me! That’s what it cost me to bring “Cerebral Stew” (48”x 72”) back home after the exhibition in New Port Richey. I rented a cargo van (you know from whom); the rental fee wasn’t bad: $19.95 but boy, the 59 cents per mile was a killer!

I also had to go to the gallery the previous Monday, on pickup day, and remove my smaller paintings (I had many smaller paintings), since they couldn’t store them for a week; I rented the van Saturday and picked up the “Cerebral Stew” and returned the van by 4 that afternoon.

I could go on but I have more to tell….
Martini Mouse Part of the Cocktail Digital Collection


I started a new digital series of 10 prints of what I like to call, “Cocktail Hour”. Really fun stuff to do and very whimsical drawings of ladies drinking cocktail drinks; right now I have 3 done (See sample on the right) and I’ll upload two more soon. I think you’ll find them a very different break from what I do. Hey, an artist has got to make a little money to pay the bills!!


I got a great new idea for my new collection of paintings. It came to me from a song phrase I heard on the radio: “…your pretty face…” That sounded good so, “Your Pretty Face” became the name for my new collection. It’s all about a simpler approach to painting then I have been doing, yet interesting enough to portrait different types of women in the different state of mind.

I need a break from the twisted cerebral stuff of “Oddball”. Mind you, there will be more to come from that collection. I feel that I can not leave behind Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism. I have worked too hard to bring it to the community at large. Yet, I need a new focus for now. All I can say about it is that “life has many roads, and we all hope that it gets better as we go.”


But here’s a surprise for you loyal followers of my blog: A first-time sneak preview of my first painting for the “Your Pretty Face” Collection, “False Face" (18x24”).