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Just a Tad Behind on Blog

What Not To Tell
I’ve submitted just one painting in June and July to the Downtown Art Gallery of NPR (formerly Progress Energy Art Gallery of New Port Richey) “False Face” (18”x24”). It is also the first in my new series, “Your Pretty Face”. Things are going slow for me this year. Looks like “Cerebral Stew” (4ft.x6ft approx.) took a big bite of my creative juices. However, I’ve committed to another exhibition in April 2014. I might do a three-year retrospect of my work and include several new pieces, just to give my exhibit some “body”.

Pretty is Better Slow than Fast?
I do have a couple more pieces. One is done “Two Maidens” (18”x24”) and another partially done “Street Lady”. I’ll upload the former soon (I promise). A few family health issues and some financial life struggles are impeding the forward momentum.
My “regular gig” is making more demands on my artistic insights; so when I hit the brushes it doesn’t want to go too far. If the only artist could make a living off their work before they become famous? LOL

I’ll Be Better – Soon
Can’t promise much output this year, but I will continue past “this”, whatever ‘this” is? And I’ve not given up on “Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism". It seems that “Missile Toad” is starting to make some headway and has found some recognition among fellow artists. One visitor exclaimed, “Arresting work! Daliesque melting forms!” (See

My work has never been so described, but no matter – folks are trying to find a spot for me in history?? LOL.

See you... jacabo.