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Since my last post...
I’ve been too busy to post a word, so here’s a few that I think might be of interest:

I’ll just start with stuff I can remember right away and then perhaps the “rest” will tag along?

Artists’ Market Show
I’m very excited about having mailed off an application for a place in the Artists’ Market at the Leepa – Rattner Museum of Arts in Tarpon Springs, FL in September. As I understand it this is a very sought after exhibition for the artist but there are limited spots available and the competition is very intense. I’ve learned not to get my hopes up, so though I know my work can compete, I may have gotten my app in too late; wish me luck. (I will write more on this in my next post.)

“Your Pretty Face” Featured Exhibition
I canceled my featured exhibition with the Downtown New Port Richey Art Gallery (DNPRArtGallery) for September of this year. After much thought and consultation with the director there, I decided that my theme would not “blend” with their “Around the World in 30 Days.” So I moved it to February of 2015 around Valentine's Day. Their theme of “Romantic Notions” was a PERFECT MATCH! Now I just have to finish the last piece in the collection “Vanity’s Veil” a big 4 feet by 4-foot canvas!

The ARTPool Gallery Showings a Success
The ARTPool Gallery in St. Pete, FL ( was a great opportunity for me to break into the art market there and with great success. The folks at the gallery are great to work with and their artist pricing for exhibiting during their monthly events is a very good deal!

Their events attraction a nice crowd and I was able to sell several of my charcoal-pencil drawings!! But I must admit, I could not sell any of the paintings I brought in. I have to rethink subject, pricing, and media. I’ve taken a break from showing there until late fall; hopefully, things will pick up when the “snow-birds” come back down? Website Updated
I’ve been working like a beast on updating my website. I will upload it soon. I still have several pages to work out. First: I’ve cataloged and number up to 40 plus drawings that I will be uploading. Now that’s easier said than done. I could really use a part-time assistant to help out (no money in my budget for it though).

Also, I’ve decided to offer a way for folks who want to buy from my site. I’m planning on using PayPal for the transactions. For now, I’ll be using their “buttons” and maybe later I’ll jump to a shopping cart?

As it is, I will only be offering the Charcoal-Pencil drawings for sale in this manner. I have to provide pricing, descriptions, icons and more for each button! Now that’s a lot of work! If anyone is interested in any of the paintings they will still have to contact me by e-mail as in the past (

I don’t want to hold up the rest of the site for this so, I plan on placing a security login on that page so that it will prevent anyone from accessing the page until I’m done; hopefully?

On top of it all, I’m contemplating moving from Dade City to perhaps Tennessee to live closer to my sons and daughter and now soon to arrive more grandkids!! Money is, of course, an issue so I have to strategically do this… for sure it won’t be soon … Am I thinking several years to do? We’ll see …? Anyway … I digress.

I stopped by the DNPR Art Gallery yesterday to dropped off a new drawing, “Ship Wreck” and found out from the gallery director that the previous submission I had there fell down! Yep! I had framed it with a poster 16 inch by 20-inch frame (plastic) and I taped the wire on the cardboard backing; it seemed sturdy enough – NOT! I was reminded never to use tape to hold a frame up! The frame seemed light enough and I had tried it at home without incident but I did not have it up for two months like at the gallery. In the end, the drawing did not get damaged but I was lucky. Just thought I’d run that by you …

Just remember, “We’re just pilgrims on the road to a better place.”© jacabo