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Summer Blows

Sales wise things are moving slowly. I've enjoyed some extra income for my oils through the sale of my drawings. It was very profitable for me at the OPUS II Show in Tampa, FL as well. I got to meet new artists and exchanged some of my new ideas. It seems that the younger folks enjoying the totally free event really appreciated my work and loved to hear about my new theory of Whimsically Bizzare Surrealism. It looks like my ATC are moving nicely at the Gateway Art Gallery in NPR, so I sent them a few more to freshen up the lot I have there already.

Taxes Due
In the past, when I sold a piece the gallery would take care of collecting taxes for the sale and that was it; and they still do. However, since I started to collect my own sales' tax I have to report their sale on my quarterly Florida tax return as well. In addition, the Gallery needs to provide me with a copy of the sale receipt; showing the amount of taxes collected. Are you guys bored already? Don't blame you. Let's just say that it's a big pain in the a-s! But it's part of doing business as an artist, so I better get used to it.

Another New Idea
Went shopping for art supplies in Tampa (FL). I like the brick and mortar approach. Love the smell of art supplies just like the smell of new car. Anyway, I found 3-inch canvases with small easels that looked like it would work out well for my next feature show coming up in October of this year. I used three small canvases together to make one large gallery wrapped painting on it. Anyone could be sold separately or all three! Fun stuff doing such a small painting. I spoke with the gallery director and she assured me that we could definitely get more for each. I wanted to improve my oil painting sale by making these painting affordable.

Need Inspiration
I just finished "Sea Blossom" an oil on canvas painting (24 in. x 24 in.) for my Sea Monster Collection. But my inspiration is slowing down a bit. The drawings are at a big standstill now. Much of this has to do with our 4th of July vacation to see my grandsons in South Carolina. It was fun but the drive there and back takes a toll; plus our funds got depleted. And we had to cut our trip short to get back home to meet my daughter who had decided to surprise us with a visit during the same period. Inspiration drain!!

What's in the Future?
In closing, it seems I have my work cut out for me for my next feature show. I'm planning a new sales tactic for the foreseeable future, hoping that it will improve profits. Most of my new drawings and paintings are all going to be small; none more than 11 inches x 14 inches in size. My gallery director advises me that in their area the sweet market price for my work is around $125(US). I couldn't afford to sell my oils that cheap in the larger sizes, so I'm going to have to "right size" things a bit.

We'll let you know how things go... for now keep visiting my blog for more of my crazy artJacobonts!! CYA!