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2018 -- Break Time

I'm just getting around to updating my blog. If you've wondered why no updated posts, wonder no more; there won't be one for a while. 2018 is my year to take a break from the "business" aspects of my work. However, soon, I hope, I will be starting a new series. Don't have anything for you, other than, it will be strong in Cadmium Red and Yellow and Titanium White, and... I'm returning to the female nude figure, with the accent on the breasts.

A Little Bit More and Then I'm Gone
I won't be doing the gallery scene this year, but if you feel you want to buy one of my works direct from a galley, then have no fear, contact: Gateway Gallery and Emporium at 727-815-1222 talk to Bobbi. I'm sure she'll be able to help you out. Sorry, but don't contact me directly at this time.

I'm not going to apologize, but as my patrons and followers on social media, I do appreciate your loyalty and patience. I will be back but I just don't know when.
"Last Voyage" is the final oil painting in my current Collection, Sea Monsters.