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Not Much Happening

A new look at an old religious theme.

Reflections of Things Past
Just a few lines to keep things current: Haven't had much in the way of enthusiasm both from the public as well as myself. I'm playing around with some "Oddball" ideas. (See right.) I've just finished one piece called Broken Chalice"
that is not one that I particularly liked doing, but I started it with the best of intentions. (20"x24") It is a bit of stretch for where I want to go with my art. I'll let you be the judge ...

Things Are Getting Bigger
This weekend I started fitting my largest canvass to date (4'x6' 2") in my studio. I thought maybe if I had everything setup I would motivate myself. Got ready to start painting it and kept looking at the large white linen canvass and froze up. Juices aren't flowing right now, so I decided not to go any further.

Missed A Couple of Showings
Progress Energy Art Gallery had a couple of showings but could not schedule them in ... there' so much time in the day that it is hard to meet demands. Though, I'm looking forward to seeing where my cousin, Maggie's help will take me?

Maggie is one of my biggest supporters. She really likes my work and likes helping whenever she can. She's going to be in New York and is planning on attending a few art functions. She said she'd hand out a couple of my brochures when she is there!

"Thanks, Maggie". Now I have to motivate myself to get the package in the mail. (I'm really don't like promoting my work. I have to look into finding an agent.)

That's All for now...


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