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OK, couldn't resist a shameless showy title to this month's blog entry.
But in reality, it's not too far from the truth. I am exhibiting this oil painting for the first time in June and July; so you still have time to stop by Progress Energy Art Gallery in New Port Richey, FL (PEAG) to see it. It has been very well received. Take a "web preview": on the left: "Boob-a-licious" and the right: "Pink Rabbit". By the way, it's the same painting rotated 180 degrees! But I guess you all knew that?
Unusual painting in which if you rotate it, it becomes a different one

I was going to show you how I managed to frame this painting and still have the viewer rotated it BUT I won't. (Actually my son, Jaret gets the credit for it. I can say that's it is simple and it doesn't add much weight overall.) And the reason that I won't do it here it's because it's an "artist trade secret". (No not really, just didn't want to make the blog entry go on forever. Shoot me an email at ) Love to hear what do you think of "Boob-a-licious"?

Voting for "People's Choice Awards" is over at PEAG, but you can still come by the opening of it's 6th Annual Artist Member's Exhibition (2012). It goes thru July the 28th. Things start at 6 PM thru til 9 PM.

Been scouting out several art galleries in an effort to broaden my venue, but nothing has really been planned out for me. Checking out Miami, New York. Both tough markets for an aspiring old-timer to be breaking in to --- but I still can dream...?

I've picked myself up and have started painting again. ( I won't reach the level of say, "Picasso") Have a quasi-theme going out of the three paintings I've done so far. I call it "Odd Balls" ("Boob-a-licious" started things off). Still, I'm not sure the direction and why I'm doing it. I imagine it doesn't hurt to have something start from. I'm not too deep into the "theory" of my art ...

I got an email the other day from another well-meaning artist, Edward Pandemonium. He sent me copies of two ideas. I won't go into them here, but suffice it to say I'm not sure why he did?? I guess I might have mentioned that my work is not for the "popular heart". And I sought a much larger and boarder mentally of taste. A scope transcending vintage, nor popular tastes, reaching out for a sliver of, arguably, acute indifference coupled with a touch of lasting interest.

I answered him like this ... "however, for me, I’m just a simple person of modest intellect and choose to paint rather than give a reason or thought to what I do. Other than to paint to define who I am and who I was. I leave the world at large to define what I’ve become..."

“good travels pilgrim ...”


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