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I have a lot to talk about, hope you have a couple minutes ...
Needless to say, the April Exhibition went great as I reported earlier. I rounded-up my paintings over 30 in total at the end of the month. And managed to get them all in our SUV without a scratch or a dent on the frames. It was a big load and thanks to Nancy, the curator at Progress Energy Art Gallery ( PEAG ), for her help. We had no sales, but I didn't expect any. My prices are a bit high for the area. And I really don't want to lose my major pieces so soon. I guess this is something to think about when showing your work.

This month I currently have on display a couple of my commercial oil paintings 11x14 's modestly priced; in hopes of getting a bite or two. Hopefully to help out the gallery on a sale. But let me not bore you with the small stuff ...

Big problem! Picked-up my 2 new linen canvases (4 feet by 8 feet), and what a hassle to get them into the SUV! I scratched the interior of the roof pushing them in at an angle. But that was the least of my problems. I had them stretched and primed by my framer but, as noted in my previous posts, he got sick. So he farmed out the job to my dismay.

Well, let see ... first: as many of you fine artist know, linen sags with the temperature; both canvasses were sagging -- I like to paint on a "drum" surface. But if that wasn't bad enough, I had provided only one gallon of acrylic primer and it was not enough to really cover the surface. I like a smooth surface as well and the surface was very, very rough for a medium linen. So ...
Second: I held the canvasses to the light and found that surface looked extremely "pin-holed" throughout. The light was pouring in really bad. I've had store bought linen with pin-holes but never like this! I guess the problem was me.

I had to go out and buy more gesso, sandpaper and set to work. I'll be brief: I removed the sag, the pinholes, and the roughness, but it wasn't pretty. My wife left the house for the day. She said that I was spitting out vile! I learned a few things doing the fix-up but I'm going to the art store to buy my next linen canvass!!. If anyone wants more details to leave me a post and I'll try to be nice and leave out a few of my expletives!! OK, got that off my chest. Now here's some fun news ...

"Booba-licious" is the name of my new painting. (Believe it or not, my wife came up with this perky title, not me). It's 14"x18" and very different than any that I've painted to date. One night, a couple of days after I set the painting to dry, I dropped a brush in front of it. I bent down to pick the brush up and on the way up, I glanced at the painting with some remarkable results.

Looking at the painting up-side down the painting had transformed itself into a new and different painting.
OK, let's stop right here. NO, I was NOT on drugs or alcohol!

Incredible as it might seem, the painting looked great (if not better) up-side-down as well! What a major discovery for me!! I showed it to a few people and they too agreed with me. Booba-licous was transformed. More to come ... (Please come back and I'll have pictures of both in my next posting. Showing how Jaret, my son, resolved this unusual quandary.)

I wanted to say this before I close:
Having finished showing my work in the last exhibition, I'm now in a free-fall state. (See Booba-licious above) My meaning by saying that is, that I'm not sure where I'm going with my art. I'm not losing confidence, nor strength of purpose but I am lost. What seemed so simple and held me strong, has vanished. I've exhausted what I knew to be great and everlasting. For the past month and a half, I've not really done anything I can call great.

I am trying, but nothing is sparking a flame ...


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