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Don't Know What to Tell First
If you've been following my blog, I reported last time that Carlos, my framer, fell sick and I couldn't get back three of my major pieces in time for my first featured show at Progress Energy Art Gallery. (Opening night is April 6th 6- 9 PM; and the exhibition lasts all month -- shameless plug.) I called him yesterday to see how he was doing, and at that time, he told me that the paintings were ready for me to pick up today! The poor guy, sick and all he managed to farm out his work to a friend! He did call me back though; it seems that I forgot to sign one of the paintings (Mushroom Head) and he didn't know if the painting was to be framed horizontally or vertically! Oh well, remember my stuff is always open to interpretation.

Stopped by Progress Energy Art Gallery

On our way back from The Tarpon Springs Art Festival, we dropped off some of my promotional materials at my gallery. They had been advertising my show with laser copies of my catalog, so they were happy to see the printed copies arrive. I left my new business cards, and catalog there, but I did forget my flyers! No harm. I'll be dropping them off along with my paintings tomorrow but not after I pick up my other works for Carlos. THANKS, CARLOS -- YOU'RE THE BEST!!

A Couple More Things
I stopped by Hobby Lobby (they have a great artist section by the way) to pick up "Artist Trading Cards". I've had so many requests for them before the show, that I've had to reserve five out of the twenty I planned on handing out at my featured show. (Dreams on the Way to Tomorrow) I figured that I better start drawing up some more for the two days I plan on being there. For those of you that don't know what "Artist Trading Cards" are, just think baseball cards. One big exception, the artist draws, paints or crafts right on these cards. I like to use compressed charcoal on Strathmore textured or bristol paper. Anyone who pronounced my name (jacabo) correctly can get a signed card from me (while supplies last) but they would have to attend my show while I'm there ...

The last entry I promise: you heard me mentioned my visit above to the Tarpon Springs Art Festival, Tarpon Springs, FL You need to be there ... (today is the last day) a lot of people travel there if only just to collect a T-shirt or poster. But seriously, it was a great morning spent, even though it rained in the afternoon the day of our visit. I believe the event attracted over 230 artists. BTW, you could buy beer -- now isn't that a great combination, "artist and beer"? LOL

I liked a few artist's works. One artist that I congratulated was not "too eager" to receive my congratulatory comment, but I attributed his "avoidance" to "hard of hearing?" But the rest of my experience was great. One real thing I carried away from my visit, and this is what let me go there in the first place -- is this for me? Can I increase my exposure (price money not too bad either) this way? My short answer, "No." Not for me. The outdoor shows are not for me. Believe me, this show was great and big but I can't see myself carrying a tent, chairs, shelves, paintings, and food and spend several days in the hot Florida sun babysitting my work. I guess I'm getting old. True.

OK, that's it for now ... wish me luck on my exhibition ... see you there ...


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