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WOW! The year is almost over!

OK, folks, I have a lot to cover here so listen-up:
Don't know where to start, so I'll just ramble on in no real order.
My exhibition is over at the Homewood Suites by HiltonĀ®. Picked up some of my paintings in November, to make room for their new exhibition, and the rest, a couple of weeks ago. It was great exposure, though no sales came out of it.

I was informed by my canvass framer, that I need to switch to linen canvasses. I've been painting on cotton since I started. MichaelsĀ® has had such great "50% Off" coupon discounts, I couldn't pass them up! I have stocked up now for next couple of months. I did buy a linen canvas from an art supply store in Tampa (FL) (MichaelsĀ® doesn't sell them) just to test it out. And man, what a difference! Both in price and quality. I guess if you want your paintings to last longer (so I'm told) then linen is the way to go ...

I'm still waiting to hear from PHCC Gallery, NPR Florida, to see if I'll be in their Galleries' Exhibition Schedule for next year. I believe that they'll be announcing the four artists for their exhibition in January 2012. If I don't make it (sad) though, there's some accomplishment in knowing that I was in their "finalist group". And speaking of "rejection" (sort of) I got one from an "online gallery". My work got reviewed by a jury and I was told that I had met all their requirements (yes, a talent was one of them), except for one.

I quote:

"While the jury strives to identify artists that exhibit extraordinary technical skills, an authentic, distinctive style along with a unique and personal interpretation or point of view (such as yourself), we must also consider how an artist's work "fits" with our current gallery."

Sounds good. They offered me to try "back next year. " I found that strange though ... I wrote back: "If I'm not a good fit for this year, I don't think I will be a good fit for next year." My work won't be changing so that it fits their gallery requirements. Guess it was my fault. I need to submit my work to a gallery that could represent my style. And that's the problem. I'm having trouble doing just that ... in fact, I got to take a second look at "how my work falls in the surreal category" (if at all)? More on this soon ...

Nancy, Gallery Director, at Progress Energy Art Gallery, FL has been really supportive. Got to go to our Annual Artist meeting and discussions are on the way for me to Introduce my new Collection (Not finished). If you want any info or to purchase any of my work see Please contact her at 727.848.6500. We're in the process of arranging for me to rent the entrance to their gallery in February to exhibit "Dreams on the Way to Tomorrow Collection".

I've expanded this website to include Digital Artwork. Yes, and if that it isn't bad enough that I've renewed my interest in oil paintings, now I've pulled out all the stops, and gone DIGITAL!

I don't paint every day (bad, I know). Hey, I have to work for a living LOL. Some nights I just want to let loose and not worry whether I going to be the next "Dali" or not. I've come up with some nice techniques with this old program I use to play with in my younger days, "Aura".

I'm lucking I can use the "undo" key. My old drawing table (Wacom) doesn't work with Windows 7, so I've been using the mouse to draw!! OMG! No fear ... I've ordered a new one for the holidays: The Picasso from Penpower. I got a good deal online and I wanted a break from Wacom. The Picasso has some advantages and some disadvantages. PRO: higher resolution, cheaper CON: no eraser on the stylus and never been tried by me.

Sorry, I've been wordy. There's is more ... but I won't put it down today...
Have a wonderful Holiday and New Year. I'm going too ... LOL.


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