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A Badly Needed Website Upgrade

Well, after much procrastination, I've upgraded It took a while since my new painting direction is taking up all my free time. I've added a navigation bar, making it easier to browse. I've also added pages that would make it easier for me to show my growth, as well as, post my new exhibitions. I hope you find it OK and if you have any problems please let me know. ( )

I mentioned "new direction" -- well yes and no. I did change my palette from Cadmium Yellow Pale to Prussian and Cerulean Blue. Truth is said, it is a big change for me. Prussian Blue is hard to "control". I don't mean on the canvass, although it has given me cause to cuss and swear more, boy, it gets everywhere: more on me and the studio than on the canvass. Also, both color pigments are very expense! I paid over $30(US) for a small tube of Cerulean Blue. I'm not sure a painter can continue to paint at these prices!

My work continues to show multi-levels of the perceived and the real, that hasn't changed so far. But I am trying to simplify my compositions. My current painting will really reflect that change. It is hard, so many images appear to be on the canvass, pulling and calling me to bring them to life. It got away from me in "An Old Man's Dream"! It also turned a bit "dark". So I made it my goal in this new painting "Nose Kiss" (not yet finished) to easy on the images (and paint$). I am trying to "beautify" my work. A rest from the pathos (as much as I can :-( ).

Before you think I'm losing my grip, I'm just harnessing the imagery and filtering the psychology behind it; at least for now. I'm still reaching, searching for the "tomorrow" but with guarded respect for the inner beauty of the imagery wanting to surface. Whereas, in the past, the floodgates blew open in "The Truth", "Out to Sea" and oh, course, "An Old Man's Dream" just to mention a few.

If you get a chance take a look at "Harpooned". In this painting, I've stepped into politics "somewhat". I like what I did with this painting. I like polar bears and whales. (Don't know why.) I guess I associate with their plight. The only problem here was that my conscience controlled my work (except for the white wolf in the painting and few "ghostly" images in the clouds). It was too there in your face. I don't plan on doing too many of these types ...

One last post. I've been a bit wordy. This week I should be hearing from Pasco Hernando Community College, FL whether I will be exhibiting at their college gallery next year. It is a big move for me. Wish me luck.


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