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Progress Energy Art Gallery Showing - June 2011

Location of my paintings at the gallery.

Things went well at Progress Energy Art Gallery's Show last Friday (New Port Richey, FL). I got there around 6:30 with a nice crowd at the galley, considering it opened at 6 p.m. This time I submitted two paintings for their 5th Annual Artist Membership Show: "The Truth" and "The King" (See my Exhibit Page). There's a People's Choice Award based on this show and anyone can vote on the painting they like best; so if you're in the area, please stop in and vote. (Subscribe to my RSS feed if you're interested in finding out how I did.)

Anyway, I must admit there seemed to be more interest in these works than my early paintings: "Little Boy" and "Sad Turns". One Lady was explaining to her son, some of the "hidden" shapes inside my paintings. And he pointed to a couple himself, once he knew what to look for... I thought one lady's remark to her friend about my palette colors, "I hate yellow!" was a bit shocking. I thought everyone loved yellow? I found out later that she was an artist herself, and maybe she didn't want her friend voting on my painting.

I was a bit upset that when my paintings were hung at the gallery, ( not at the location, which was great), but the frame came in contact with the edges of the canvas and picked up paint that buildup on the edges and had been tacky. I'm going to see if I can remove the paint from the frame once it has dried. But knowing my skills at such matters, I might have to have it reframed.
I'm finding that this venue may not be the best for me to show my work. I feel that the subject matter and abstract style is lost to many who visit this gallery. It is perhaps, too soon to make a judgment and so, I'm still hopeful that I can bring about, in my small way, a new experience to the public.

Anyway, I had a glass of wine and stood back and looked on, as the many visitors gathered to review many of the works on hand. I took a quick tour for myself and found only a few pieces that I could appreciate. But understand this, that I'm NOT an art critic, so I just came to the conclusion, the only way I can appreciate art (other than mine), is if anyone of the works stopped me; made me admire it or captured my attention, if even only for a moment.

In closing, I had a good time there, felt that those folks that did stop to look at my paintings, if only for a moment, could take home with them a little bit of me... and if they voted for anyone of my paintings as there choice, so much the better...


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