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Holidays Are Almost Here

Great News
I'm going to a Hillary Clinton Rally today! I know this is an art blog. But I wanted to share the good fortune that she is coming to our area this afternoon with you.

Art News
October saw more of the same for me: trying to pull out of a big slump! But I had some positive things done. I was able to replace several drawings and paintings at the current galleries I'm exhibiting now. (See the previous post). I also attended a Halloween Grand Opening at the Gateway Gallery in NPR. It looked like a great turn out. (I didn't wear a costume if you are wondering.) I was not impressed with some of the work this time around. I guess the Halloween Theme is not for me.

Artistic Wise
I finished my fourth painting in the Sea Monsters Collection, titled, "Water Nymph". a small 20-inch x 16-inch oil painting.
Do I like it? Yes and no. It seems that the longer I delay between sittings, the further the cohesiveness of the painting gets.
Let me explain: I really liked the portion of the "Nymph" and what figures evolved on the right of her, but the left portion is almost too foreign from the rest. (This was my second session.) The colors there just makes it -- but just!
I have gotten lazy with the use of the negative space. And I've realized that the size of the painting was holding me back somewhat. I guess I'm so used to working largely now that space is harder to define to my satisfaction.

Out of Focus
One serious problem for me lately: my vision is giving me a bit of trouble. When I work close-up for extend periods, and I back up for a longer view, my eyes have a very bad time of bringing the image in to focus. Hmm... getting old. Maybe more wine is required? I've never painted under the influence before, maybe it's time I tried it? Well, I might have a check-up come the first of the year.

In Closing
I'll be doing a lot of traveling this November with the holidays already on top of me. My grandkids come first though! Then my art. One more important note...

Haven't been able to put the cap back on this thing call retirement. It is really hard to adjust to a career meltdown. No doubt my art is strong enough to sustain me through some low points. But I've not yet achieved a full battery charge for it. I guess I need a muse or a major gallery breakthrough or a small glimpse of recognition that what I'm doing is worthwhile for someone other than myself? Oh well... cya next time.


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