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Why Try Recalling February & March & What about April?

I won't try to go back that far; what I can't remember or what was not eventful enough to remember, I can't say. But I'll tell you what, I'll start from today and maybe some of yesterday might surface?

OK. Here goes: I have six new charcoal drawings now hanging at the Art Pool Gallery in St. Pete! Yep! Remember in my last post, how I was looking for a gallery there? I was pretty excited when my email got answered by the owner, Marina Williams. She invited me to show at their 6th Annual Anniversary, this past Saturday (April 5th, 2014).

I had to scramble to collect the best six of some 30 drawings and mount them in a matter of a week. I had a limited budget, so I grabbed the local newspaper and searched for coupons at Michaels. Michaels had a great special of poster board frames last week, so I took off and bought all they had on the shelf that day!

But once I had one in the frame, it didn't look good against the white paper I was using, so my wife suggested (she's smart) to buy some oak tag (it's like poster board) in black and place the drawings on top. (We didn't have the funds for matte board either.) But they looked great, just as if they had been mounted!

I delivered the charcoal drawings the Friday before the show, and with Marina’s help, was able to price & label them quickly. Luckily, I had tag each one on the back with their own I.D. number and title, date, and size, so now all I had to do is transfer the info right on to her sales tag.

Opening night, this was my debut, was a bit lackluster I thought. I’ll explain: in my opinion, most of the guests were not so much interested in my art but the event itself. And boy, they had plenty to keep their interest. One side note: I didn’t tape the drawings to the poster board, so they slipped down at the gallery; they did help me out by using just small amounts of glue on the back of the drawings. And got them all ready for that night's showing.

All in all, it was a great night, I did have a few art lovers wonder over to my section of the gallery to look over my work. But the big surprise came when Marina called alerting me, a week later that two of my drawings sold!! I’m glad I made this gallery my first step into the Pinellas market. Especially because they don’t charge a commission for any sales, just a modest entry fee for each.

I will from time to time continue to show there, however, I do plan on finding another gallery in St. Pete that is more “traditional” in nature. I need help from a gallery to open new roads for me and to have a local place to get input from other artist and collectors. I won’t mind paying a sales commission for their efforts.

I’ll be picking up my charcoal drawings (minus two) in a week and … they’ll be going into my new featured exhibition. In September of 2014 at the Downtown New Port Richey Art Gallery (DNPRAG) I plan on showing them there along with my new oil collection, “Your Pretty Face.”

I just finished “Pearl’s Plight” (24”x30”). This painting marks the end (or so I tell myself) of boobs in my paintings. I need to move on and suppress the urge to expose their beauty in all my work. And I will do just that in my next and final painting of this series. This new piece will be a bit more ambitious than the rest (36”x48”) and it will be the anchor for it as well.

As the time nears to the DNPRAG show and, it becomes clearer to me, I will give more details of the reasoning for this series. I could state today, the obvious though, and say that I needed a break from my last major work, “Cerebral Stew” (6’x4’ approx.) Yes, I did burn out. My mind, back and what-ever-else gave out with this painting, it really was exhausting. The charcoal drawings were a major remedy for me and it felt right to do.

I’m off to "Carlos" (remember my framer) with more drawings and also to mail out my certificates of authenticities to my patrons.
I’ll also fill you in where I land my next gallery. I’ve decided that there’s a great deal of work that goes in promoting an artist and his work and I will be very glad to be able to concentrate on my work and let the gallery worry about the marketing!
As always, "Hang in there, we’re all just pilgrims on the road to a better place.” Cya!


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