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Some Quick Stuff to Tell

Waiting For An Answer
Well, I'm still waiting to hear from the PHCC Gallery (Pasco Hernando Community College) regarding my paintings? I submitted several to their committee for showing next year. I could be wrong, but I believe they met August 30th. I might give them a call this week to see what's what. It doesn't look good for me.

Yesterday I heard some sad news. One of the co-op galleries I started with is closing at the end of this month in Dade City (FL). They will be meeting as a "club" now at the curator's home for now. I stopped by and donated some money to help out with this month's rent (many have not yet paid for Sept); but it is hard to get artists to donate their time and effort to bring the public in. I know I couldn't continue to help out. All my free time is for my paintings, which, I may add, is not going too well.

I've hit a wall.
I've lost my drive on my theme "Dreams on the way to tomorrow". So I started to paint something different: my first nude. It's 3ft by 4ft and it's taking a whole bunch of paint. The sale associates at Michaels know me really well. I'm there every time there's a 50 or 60% sale on canvass. I'm waiting to see when they'll have the paints on sale before I try the Internet. I'm planning on buying a roll and having several 4ftx8ft canvasses stretched. I'm going to place them side by side in order to do one big mural.

Commerical Paintings
I plan on updating my website with several commercial paintings soon, so look for it. I'm trying to sell a few prints from them; running low on cash, so I need to seriously get some extra income coming in to pay expenses. Whenever I have extra paint leftover on my palette, I'll end the day by painting a smaller painting and using up the paints. This seems to work for me, I can try new techniques and still work out new styles. Lately, though, I've been producing landscapes and flowers; not too happy with them... seems like I'm giving in to the commercial impulse.

Well That Is It
I'll end now before I start sounding stupid.


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